Count to a Trillion – John C Wright

count-to-a-trillion-by-john-c-wright-198x300I think Count to a Trillion might be a decent Space Opera, unfortunately I read it at the wrong time.  I was fresh off of reading ‘The Wanderer’ and I had a bad taste in my mouth over the genre.  I needed to get away big idea space opera for a while. So I feel bad writing too much about it here.

I found the first half of the book to be captivating.  Wright did a good job of building excitement and suspense around the mysterious object discovered by humanity.  There were so many great questions to be answered about the mysterious aliens that left the object. Somewhere around the middle of the book the plot became too focused on the power struggles on Earth and no new answers were given.  Then in the last few chapters of the book it seems like Wright tries to wrap up too much too quick to end at a convenient cliff hanger.

I know there are sequels but I’m not very excited to read them.