Old School Cool

I was going through some backup folders and found some games I had written in high school. I stumble across these every now and then and they always bring back a sense of nostalgia..

In my high school CS class we weren’t allowed to play games on the computers during free time, but I made a deal with Mr Sparkman that we could play games if we wrote them. So, of course I spent a lot of energy trying to make some popular games for my classmates.

One of my first ‘releases’ was a simple snake clone. The compiled version I have isn’t the latest revision which featured a ‘head’ which faced the direction of motion and a ‘chomping’ sound that played every time an apple was eaten, but its still surprisingly fun to play.

But, my most popular game by far was Dodger! This is much like any other falling objects game. The most memory thing about this game is the ‘cookies’. My art skills were clearly lacking, and I ended up with asteroids that looked like cookies, a fact that my friends never let me live down!

It was surprisingly fun and competitive!