Wool – Hugh Howey

Hugh_C_Howey_Wool_Omnibus-246x300I came across Wool by Hugh Howey by accident on Amazon.  It was $0.99 on sale for the Kindle and it had good reviews so I took a chance.

The first entry in the Wool series was very interesting and entertaining to read.  It’s a great example of why I love the Amazon Kindle singles and cheaply priced self published stories/novels.

Unfortunately as I read through more and more of the Wool series it started to wear on me.  It was relatively repetitive and the pacing slowed down a bit too much in the later entries.  To me it felt like each entry was written around a specific ‘reveal’ so sometimes it seemed like a lot of unnecessary story was written just to try to make the reveal surprising.

All in all it was worth the read (the entire series) and if you purchase the combined versions its a good deal. I think Hugh Howey has  potential for a bright future.