LibGdx + Google In App Billing v3

Here are some of my notes and how to implement Google Play Services In App Billing v3  with a LibGdx game. I just implemented

LibGdx – Dialog Boxes

I wanted to add a tutorial mode to Word Hive because I noticed some aspects of the game weren’t very obvious. There were

Survival Mode Coming Soon!

I have started working on a new game mode. Survival Mode starts with an empty board and tiles will fall every second.  The ga

The Machine of Death – Ryan North

The Machine of Death is collection of short stories which were all written around one idea. There is a machine that can tells

Word Hive Released!

I released Word Hive to the play store! It was fun making and releasing my first game and learning libgdx. I’m excited t

Isaac Asimov – The Relativity of Wrong

This is one of the best things I’ve read in a while.

The Scream – Laurent Graff

This book showed up on my recommendations from Amazon.  I like the painting The Scream, and after read a quick synopsis of th

Count to a Trillion – John C Wright

I think Count to a Trillion might be a decent Space Opera, unfortunately I read it at the wrong time.  I was fresh off of re

The Wanderer – Fritz Leiber

Oh boy, The Wanderer. This was the last book I read in 2012 and boy did I go out on a dud. I picked this book up at the used

Wired – Douglas E. Richards

Every now and then between books on my to-read list I take time to browse through the Amazon lending library and see if anythi